Clean energy?



Shinichi Otaki

I did not know what route they got my e-mail address one day, but an e-mail arrived from a certain NPO corporation. The content was a cooperation request for energy related funds. It was a text that studied words related to clean, such as being an earth friendly project. Although sunlight is clean, there are issues of electricity consumed in the process of manufacturing panels and substances used. Panel disposal processing is required after 10 years, 20 years later life. There is a method of burying in the ground as industrial waste or dissolving it and returning it to silicon. Burying in the earth will eventually pollute the earth. When regenerating and dissolving the aluminum frame and returning it to silicon, electric capacity generated by the solar panel for the whole life is required. Will not it be time to stop thinking again whether it is really gentle to the earth, after taking into consideration that the micro plastic has been got into the news recently, up until the exhaust treatment.
Electricity generated 100% at the power plant will be lost by 50% by the point of use. I think that we should do the effort that can effectively use 65% energy and less disappearance is like earth-friendly efforts. It answered it’s my reply.

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