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Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism has two types of membership
One is the Individual member of Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism (Individual member / Family member:hereinafter referred to as “member”),
One is the Corporate member of Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism : hereinafter referred to as “Corporate member”).

Member benefits
1. Member can see the Kyo-suzume member site .
2. You can attend with the event actual cost only such as every events
3. You can attend with the event actual cost only such as every events
4. You can attend for Kyo-suzume collage, Okudosan sumitt (traditional cooking stove), Toilet future school, Yasunari Kawabata study group and so on
5. We can receive benefits when presenting membership card to sponsorship company for Kyo-suzume . (Under preparation)
6. You can visit the unknown area with “Kyo-suzume” .
7. You can attend to a lecture with a specialist unique to “Kyo-suzume”.

Annual membership fee (including tax)
Family member (+\10,000/one person)
If you are not a Kyo-Suzume sparrow member, you can participate in one event at ¥ 6,000 and actual expenses (admission fee, lunch fee, etc.).

Corporate member benefits

There are three patterns
Partner A : You can attend all events of Kyo-Suzume related events and linked to your HP
Partner B : You do not operate HP
Partner Logo : You can use Kyo-Suzume trademark only

1. You can link to sponsorship company HP from Kyo-suzume HP. You can appeal sponsorship companies with Kyo-suzume HP.
2. You can use Logo Kyo-Suzume has them such as Class 9 “Hourglass”, Class 32 “Beer”, “Mineral Water”, Class 33 “Sake”
3. You can use Logo such as
4. The employees’ can attend to every events with the event actual cost only without entry fee
5. Kyo-Suzume appeal your goods in Kyo-Suzume’ goods appeal site
6. Member can see the Kyo-suzume member site .
7. Kyo-Suzume appeal your company as a sponsor of the event Love letter” Koibumi” to Kyoto
8. Participation in the award ceremony of love letter ” Koibumi” to Kyoto
However, we will consult the number of participants.
9. Companies involved in Kyo-Suzume tours (Okudosan tours, etc.) must participate as partner corporations.
Annual fee Sponsorship amount (including tax)
1 bite JPY \100,000 per unit. We will contract individually with 2 units or more.

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The copyright of the contents of the website of Kyo-suzume Tourism Research (data of documents, images, etc.) belongs to the Kyo -suzume Culture and Tourism In addition, copyright of some images etc. are owned by the original author. Unauthorized use, unauthorized reprint, secondary use of documents and images on this website is prohibited. Of course, the same copyright applies even if you are a member / research member.

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