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Greeting for starting Kyo-suzume Culture and Tourism

We have been opened Kyo-suzume school over 100 times and did the event of From 2001, Yuyusha Kyo-suzume had sent out the activity "discover and disseminate cultural heritage surrounding our lives." In the activities of Kyo-suzume, we organized the "Kyo-suzume school" at the field site and held over 100 Kyo-suzume schools from 2001 to 2017

We have carried out events for support of afflicted areas, two public recruitment projects for "Love Story to Kyoto". In 2018 we will restart as Kyo-suzume Culture and Tourism in order to further ability to send information.

We will continue to appreciate the cultures that appreciate the great nature that is the origin of the Japanese spirit, and activities that cause attachment to Kyoto.

According to Maluro's phrase "Culture is a device to make human beings", Kyoto which made use of the intellectual heritage of a thousand years is also "a city where the heart becomes rich and it turns into energy" I believe. It was the center of Japanese culture as the capital for 1074 years. There is profundity in the culture and history of living.

You can also acquire the human power · wisdom and knowledge which is said to be " watch and learn, hear and learn, look and learn" which is the essence of Kyoto's education. Let's explore "You do not know Kyoto" with everyone.

From now on, Kyo-suzume wishes to visit Kyoto with all of you. Please, thank you again for your continued patronage.

December 26, 2017
Kyo-suzume Culture and Tourism
President Yoshie Doi

Results of Activities

阪急阪神 ええまちつくり隊2016 共同通信社シンポジウム 風のチャペルプロジェクトハネムーンin 京都 映画「古都」 京すずめ学校
Participation in Hankyu Hanshin Eeemachi Creating Corps 2016 Participated as a panelist at the Kyodo News Company Symposium Wind chapel project honeymoon in Kyoto Film “Koto : Old town” Kyo-suzume school
The Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group's social contribution activities promoted by the Hankyu Hanshin Group The Kyo-suzume Experience Program.was chosen for "Hankyu Hanshin Future Dreams and Town Project" "Hankyu Hanshin Eeemachi Creating Corps 2016" Kyodo News Agency Headquarters We discussed the regional revitalization with panelists in charge of the Cabinet Secretariat, members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and the members of the board of directors. Afflicted area support event "Wind chapel project honeymoon in Kyoto" It is the event that was realized with the support of many people. I sincerely express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who gave us support. Cooperation as Producer & Coordinator Kyoto love story in 2008 Kyoto loved by Yasunari Kawabata Yasunari Kawabata Committee Chairman Kaori Kawabata President at Kitayama Cedar Museum

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