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Click on the advertisement part of your company that we uploaded to Kyo-suzume HP, viewer will link to your HP. We also introduce your events and coupon in Kyo-suzume HP

Many engineers related development of semiconductor manufacturing equipment watch Kyo-suzume site, because of relation to KING Associates Co., Ltd.

Sponsoring company website · Wanted

Kyo-suzume will contract with companies that we want to introduce the most in each industry by Kyo-suzume, and after the contract is concluded Kyo-suzume will be able to introduce the site of the sponsorship company

For contracts, You can appear in site information of your company with an advertisement fee of JPY ¥300,000 You can appear in site information of your company with an advertisement fee of JPY¥200,000, if your organization does not have net sales

Wanted advertisement company wanted ·Readers of semiconductors must read

Kyo-suzume is informing the engineers related KING Associates Co., Ltd. with Kyo-suzume site. At the time of tool development, engineers who started new efforts by participating in development design are eager to know the information on what kind of parts are handled by which company and where to contact.

List of recruiting industries for sponsorship

Pottery wheat bran Landscaping Kyomachiya Soba
Kimono Kyoto vegetable Lantern White miso Tofu
fan Kyoto Vegetable Farm Kyo-sushi Vine Grilled chiken
Japanese food Roof tile Mizuhiki Soy sauce eel
French cuisine Japanese beer Sightseeing taxi Travel agency Donburi
Italian cuisine band bus flower arrangement Sukiyaki
Chinese cuisine Crepe pepper Railway company tea ceremony Experience sushi
sake Hanamachi tea house Painter(Gallery) Dressing room Ceramic art experience
Pastry Kamado Gilt Museum Experience Japanese paper
chocolate footwear Japanese candles Various experience classes Japanese sweets experience
University science Folding box Mochi zazen Glass workshop
University Literature Cup of Kitayama cedar Okaki – Arare rice cookie Calligraphy experience Rapid flow Descending
University art hourglass Smelt Konpeito ramen catering
Ryokan Hotel Wood products Dumpling shop Okonomiyaki Atelier
Photo session Pillar Makeup / Cosmetics Grilled meat
Shrine maiden experience Souvenir shop Regional media Shabu-shabu
Indigo dye Kyoto pickles Regional media(other prefectures) tempura
teahouse Japanese confectionery press Curry and rice
Incense Temple for each area the publisher miso soup
Kyo figure Shrines and Temples Mineral water Udon

Wanted advertisement company wanted ·Readers of semiconductors must read

Flow meter valve LP Constant temperature water supply device Swaging productions
Ultrapure water antistatic device solenoid valve  Robot Bake Plate(hot plate) High pressure generation pump
PFA and other tubes Fitting Air Conditioning Unit Customs clearance and transportation FOUP Station


Recruitment of sponsors

There are many people who visit Kyoto from world wide countries for sigtseeing and business. More tourists will increase for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Kyo-suzume will introduce Net sales managed by sponsors and sponsor companies recommended by the Kyo-suzume around the world through the website of Kyo- suzume. As a sponsoring company, we ask for visitors who registered as members of Kyo-suzume for discounts and souvenir privileges.
Companies that are recruiting companies are considering one company in each field or group. Depending on the type of business, there may be cases of one company in the area.

Recruitment of advertisement companies

This site will be perused by engineers in China, the United States, and Japan that develop, design and manufacture semiconductor manufacturing equipment. It is used as a reference when an engineer of a company supported and recommended by KING Associates Co.,Inc.


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