Improvement plan of business




Shinichi Otaki

At the end of the year, it may also lead to a solution to the business that is getting busy somewhat. I would like to tell you how I have responded to the business while my long time’s company work. I am concerned with the number 6, how I was working for the company work period. I think that 6 is a magical number in various fields. Before the start of work on the day before or on the day of company work, I had wrote out the business that I had. And Next, I ranked numbers from 1 to 6 in order of priority.
I will cross out with lines for the completed item. I will be satisfied after the six items will have crossed out . I am grateful that I have survived with this method. When I was busy, I wrote items on the top of the notebook and cross-out them. It is useless in 5 items, even 7 items will make me feel different. There seems to be magical in the number 6. The phenomena on the earth are also hexagonal, six-tier etc.
Why do n’t you try it once. We are sure we will not be busy.


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