Memories of the Love letter to Kyoto




印象深い京すずめ学校 「暮らし」そのものが文化である 印象深い京すずめ学校 「暮らし」そのものが文化である 印象深い京すずめ学校 「暮らし」そのものが文化である

Kyo-suzume school Course “Kyoto Soil story” A social gatering

We are starting up our HP now and remembering of the impressed events. I thought that I wanted to touch on the event about the unforgettable lecture still being impressive even now that the time has passed. I will introduce the lecture by Hayao Kawai (Commissioner of the Agency of Cultural Affairs at the time) who gave the excursion to the Kyo-suzume school in 2004, which has just started Kyo-suzume “Living itself is a culture, its sanctuary is Kyoto.”. In 2004, lecture of ‘Kyoto Soil Story, Soil and Heart’ was easy to understand, and he was received a lot of questions. The Culture was explained that “there are as many as definition of culture also as scholars”. Professor Kawai saw the activities of Kyo-suzume, and then he came to our site with having his expectations.

The earth’s indigenous people (Native American) standing on the ground and sitting on the ground and sitting on a big tree, living with the earth. In Greek mythus Mother Earth is shaking so it seems that earthquake is said to be a mother sway. There was a fresh sound and the earthquake damage was still not direct at that time, but there was a fresh sound that captured the earthquake mysteriously since ancient times.

At the social gathering after the end of the course, he saw the 5 minutes short movie of “ The love story of old couple” that is a picture starring Kurizuka-san of our member and then promising to visit the Kyoto cinema at a later date. In addition, when I subsequently reported the case of cultural tourism at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the MITI, there were Professor Kawai among ten conference members and after conference I got various advice for Kyo-suzume future activity from him . When asked the judge chairperson of “The love letter to Kyoto”, he told that “I can not become a chief of the civilian chief of the Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs” and I had decided to carry out the “The love letter to Kyoto” after his retirement. Unfortunately, afterwards, he died and never realized the inauguration of the chairman of the judging committee.

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