First Summit of Okudo-san(Kamado)

We held the summit at Hiranoya that they kept using Okudosan (Kamado) every day for 400 years since their founding.(on 16th Dec. 2018 11:00 pm)Participants who faced the ceremony at Hiranoya feels the steam and scent of the rice to be cooked at the Hiranoya by the five senses, we even remembered the illusion that we went back to the Edo period.

Mrs. Noriko Inoue of Hiranoya has been told that she grew up being told that “The most important thing in the house is Okudosan ” from early childhood. Iriyama tofu continued to use everyday for 200 years. Takayuki Iriyama of Tofu shop exchanged opinions with us that “Okudo-san is a work colleague” and “It has good times and bad times”. In addition, Mr. Junji Miyaoku of a plasterer stated that “If we use it too much, it is not good, and even if it is not used it will be damaged by moisture damage.” Mr. Miyaoku is producing and guiding     Okudosan also in South Africa. He is enthusiastic about the restoration of the furnace and the new production.


I set up a study group for Okudosan and continued fieldwork and research for nine years, and this time it was held in the summit. The charm of Okudosan is that the five senses are fully utilized and the concentration ability is cultivated by the smell of steam so on, and you can imagine delicious rice.
The smell of rice which smells from steam is a fragrance familiar to Japanese for a long time, we missed it for some reason, my stomach became full and my brains were full and we was thrilled. Is this the Japanese DNA? The advertising agency planning advertisement of rice cooker a number of questions around five years ago, recently a question came from the television station in the metropolitan area “Why is the meal cooked with Okudosan’s rice delicious?” The appeal and power of Okudosan is also being used for the latest rice cooker. By all means, I’d like you to have your meal of rice.
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