Urban functions vulnerable to heavy rain

Yoshie Doi

Underground of Karasuma Shijo 16th Aug.

Underground of Shijo Kawaramachi

Shijo Station platform
th Aug.


Kamo-river 28th Aug.

New York City 28 St. Station

25th Aug

and 2nd Sep.

This August was like a flood all over the earth, but when I look at the state of the flood at 28th Street Station in New York, it is not a leak level like the underground in Kyoto, but a flood. It is said that the subway in New York city has stopped all lines on September 2 on Japan time, and it seems that similar floods are occurring in Shanghai, Thailand and Spain, and floods are occurring all over the earth.

For these two weeks, subway roads and platforms have been leaking. It is a serious issue that there is a leak even on a sunny day.

I am keenly aware that how grateful the sun is, not only the housewife who dries the laundry, but also the physical condition management. Also, I was interested in examining the weather map in detail, so I did a lot of research. New weather maps, such as the Linear precipitation zone, are also common words in recent years.

It’s called the rain is grace, but moderate rain is good, so I just pray that the sunny sun and the rain of grace will fall comfortably. Underground shopping malls are comfortable for humans on hot and cold days, but recently it has been discovered from rain leaks that underground shopping malls in cities are vulnerable to heavy rain.

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