From a city that has been locked down


A warm and friendly email arrived from friends in California and Paris, where were blocked to stop the spread of the new coronavirus infection. I was relieved to receive an email from a very worried friend saying they were fine. In such a case, the encouragement of the friends who are at heart even if they are far away is very appreciated. Even if they are far away, I can feel close because it’s an emergency, so I can see their friendship.
At the time of the founding of Kyo-Suzume, she was a university student and also the director of Kyo-Suzume and after that she has married with Americans and now she has lived in CA USA. She had visited my home many times with her lover. After that she was married she had visited many times. As for the meal, we prepared Japanese food and served some of the dishes, especially the southeast savory pickles of horse mackerel. When they come, I went to the Kyoto Central Market to buy about 60 horse mackerel and cooked them. When she has married, I opened a cooking class and told her about the recipe.
Twenty years ago, in the United States, horse mackerel was not sold at the Fisherman’s wharf for food, but only for livestock. It seems that it has been sold for food recently, and it has become possible to cook well.
She was certified as a dental hygienist after staying at USA and worked at a dental clinic, but she was closed for one month due to this coronavirus and is staying at home. Millions of people are unemployed in USA. She has also applied for unemployment insurance.

When I visited a friend working at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry established by Napoleon Bonaparte, when I asked her, “It’s an old building,” I well remember she said “Napoleon made it.”
A friend who is promoting the exchange between France and Japan told me about the second week of staying indoors. At 9 am, she sits in front of a personal computer and works thoroughly with the team, so she keeps her motivation high and concentrates on what she can’t usually do, and she spends her days with issues. I was relieved.
The times are changing so fast that yesterday’s common sense is today’s lack of common sense. Under these circumstances, Chiba City has issued the “Chiba Challenge Declaration”. “The spread of the new coronavirus has made it desirable to avoid the gathering of people as much as possible. Our society has valued” coming together people “and” gathering people “. It can be said that human society is being forced to change major values. “Chiba City do not merely stand up for the new coronavirus, but use this shift in values as” a trigger for social revolution “and reform work style and improvement of productivity such as without people gather. To create an era that doesn’t have to be done, “Chiba-shi Change Declaration! ” announced on 31st March 2020.
If you are interested, please click the website of Chiba City. I foresee the coming of a new era.

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