Miyako dance will be canceled this year!

Kaburenjo dance hall under seismic construction

The gorgeous stage where all Gion geisha gather and dance has a reputation abroad and has become a spring tradition in Kyoto. I’ve always loved the Miyako dance since I was a kid, and I was looking forward to gather plates more every year at the tea ceremony. Last year it was a performance in Minamiza by Kaburenjo’s earthquake-resistant construction.

This year, there was a cancel announcement on 6th March due to the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease. It is very disappointing. This will be the first time the show has been canceled since the world war Ⅱ period between 1944 to 1949.
Miyako dance began in 1872 (Meiji 5) was unveiled at the Kyoto Expo to revitalize Kyoto. In order to prevent the Kyoto’s economic infrastructure going down by reason of moving the capital to Tokyo from Kyoto.
The Kabukyorenjo was held in Meiji 17 with mounting an electric lamps created by Genzo Shimazu for the first time, and was originally of groundbreaking performance on a stage. If you go to a Japanese style restaurant, there are tatami mats where Maiko dances, but the breakthrough style called the group dance of Maiko and Geiko has a reputation, and Iemoto third-generation Yachiyo Inoue Sansei of the upper part of Kyoto Mai and the 9th owner of Ichiriki-tei Jirouemon Sugiura were planed.

Tourists visiting from abroad are looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms of Kyoto and “Miyako dance” in April. It is only once a year for Gion-machi people, so everyone are disappointed. I look forward to watch a dance next year.
I think Japanese dance and Spanish dance depends on cultural differences.
I was surprised when I watched the dance in Madrid. It reminds me of the difference between cultures and histories through dancing.
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