Procession fun


Pastry shop LOTUS             Kanayan Fresh fish Kana-chan

 I’ve loved the procession since I was a kid. On Saturday afternoon, I was walking along a small path to the east of Inaba Yakushido, which is located down Shijo Karasuma. There is always a line at the cake shop.

Until now, I couldn’t wait in line because I didn’t have enough time. I lined up today. Did I line up for about 30 minutes? There is a note saying “Please enter the store one by one”, and everyone is lined up quietly. It is open from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, but there are already lines before the store opens. It is a small cake shop called LOTUS pastry shop. It’s very delicious and seems to be a well-known shop for regulars.

When I asked the people in the line, “What is delicious?”, I bought eclairs, cream puffs, apple tarts, and apple pies because they said “eclairs.” It was so delicious that I was surprised. The special ingredients are used to convey the special recipe to the tongue, brain and stomach.


Just on the road opposite the shop, there was a mobile sales fish shop called “Kanayan Fresh Fish Kana-chan”. The owner is a young and cute woman. Open only on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons. It is purchased and sold at the central market in the morning. I bought a bottle of natural scallops pickled in miso and mackerel sushi. Kana-chan’s miso-zuke was very delicious. You can see that we are particular about miso. For the first time, I tasted the luxury of pickling scallops that can be eaten with sashimi in miso. Today’s dinner and dessert was a very happy time.

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