State of emergency issued about virus infection prevention


Kotatsu with long legs

State of emergency has been issued in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Chubu area, Kinki

area and Kyushu Fukuoka prefecture.

The website of Kyo-Suzume has also covered virus-related and fine particle-related

issues several times.

The size of the fine particles is 100 nm (nanometer). The size of the opening hole of the non-woven fabric mask is 3,000 nm (3 μm), so it means that we are trying to capture 1 cm of sugar cubes with a Non-woven fabric with a 30 cm hole. The mask has the effect of keeping our hands away from our face and not scattering droplets of 3 μm or larger. Only 3 Mitsu and social distance (horizontal distance) are highlighted, but I think it is necessary to understand how fine particles are present (floating) from the floor to the air layer. No matter what floor the floor is, there are 300,000 in 1ft3 (30cm cube) at a height above the floor. Various fine particles are floating. Of course, it cannot be seen. It can be measured with a measuring device that counts fine particles. In nonwoven factories, the floor has a gradient structure that does not generate an up flow, and air is flowing downward. The fine particles are attached. To the solid material as if they were vacuum-adsorbed. It can only be moved with physical force such as hands. Even if we blow 40m / s air, it will not come off.

 After understanding this characteristic of fine particles, if you bring in a corona and it becomes floating, what we should avoid keeping our face under 86 cm or less height from the floor. Keep in mind. Advance your life on the table and chairs. For The floor Kotatsu, use a long-legged Kotatsu. By a call of “Stay home”, the life of staying at home and staying in a tatami room is that someone brings in a virus or something with a virus attached to it, and it is especially dangerous to lie down in the Kotatsu. I think that the height from the floor is also effective. Is infected from something touched by someone’s hand and from droplets due to coughing etc. The virus will float and the entire family will be infected. It is speculated that one of the causes of the increase in South Korea is the Ondo, which creates an up flow and winds up the virus. After grab something with your hands or hold it, and wash your hands frequently if you come in contact with it. Gargle, wash your face, and wash your hands when you return home. Coronas on walls, floors, furniture and interiors will not come off. It will dies after several days. This is a proposal from a developer who had part of device development to remove fine particles, prevent fine particles from adhering, and control fine particles.


The following is an outline of the contents posted on the Kyo-Suzume HP Blog so far.


100 nm (nanometer: corona size) fine particles are floating on the floor of each floor, 86 cm above the ground, 300,000 particles per 1ft3, or about 10,000 particles in 1L space. It will not fall down its own weight. If there is an air flow of 0.11 m / s or more, it will move along with the flow. The floating and moving fine particles are attached to the entire surface of the earth, the entire floor, and solid matter. The attached fine particles will be attached in the semiconductor industry, it was common to open wafers at a height of 86 cm or more above the floor in the 100 nm fine particle era. Like as the suction cup and will not come off. It is also known to die after several days. Currently, it has become even finer and is only treated inside the processing equipment. These measures are technologies that suppress the adhesion of fine particles. Technology to suppress the generation of fine particles and technology to remove attached fine particles are being tackled as eternal themes. I think that measures can be considered by replacing the wafer with a person.

Until now, the common point of cluster occurrence is whether or not there was a survey item on how the position of the face (mouth, nose, eyes) from the floor was, but the site of invasion of the virus into humans is the mouth, nose and eyes. If it is true, I think it is included in the survey items.

A houseboat, a passenger ship at Yokohama Port, a host club, a cabaret club, a Tatami Kotatsu and an infected person at a nursing facility stayed within 86 cm from the floor. The reason why the number of infected people from the northern area is increasing in the cold season is that the living time in the tatami room where the family gathers has increased, so if anyone in the family brings in the virus, everyone will be infected. I presume that lying down in the Kotatsu is the most dangerous behavior it is speculated that one of the causes of the reoccurrence in South Korea in winter is the Ondol. The warmed air becomes less dense and rises, replacing the denser air. It can be inferred that the air, which is densely packed with fine particles. On the floor, becomes an up flow and the room is filled with fine particles. For this winter, we suggest that you try to minimize the amount of time you spend on the floor and tatami mats. How about shouldn’t we avoid banquets in the tatami room that lasts more than 15 minutes and eating and drinking in a low position? Fine particles are attached to all things. Grab something with your hands, wash your hands after touching. Keep the hand that touched something avoid bringing hands to your mouth. Rodin’s thinker poses with his hands close to his face should also be avoided for some time. The mask reduces droplet infections from infected people and helps prevent hands from getting close to the mouth.

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