Drama “Kirin is coming” Mystery of Honnoji temple war

Stone wall piled up by Anoshu-style at Kameyama Castle ruins

Mitsuhide is a stunning ambitionist, a good-looking man, and has an outstanding memory. He went from Mino to Echizen (Fukui Prefecture), and then taught prescription medicine at Tanaka Castle in Omi (Shiga Prefecture). and he became a retainer of Yusai Hosokawa in lord in Nagaokakyou-shi’s area.
Yusai Hosokawa had the territory of the current Nagaokakyo and Mukomachi area, which was called Nagaoka by Oda Nobunaga. Mitsuhide was here, but he was not friendly with people around him , so he dreamed of serving Nobunaga.
Mitsuhide appealed to become a vassal by appealing to the Oda family’s entourage of Nobunaga, who is said to be “Nobunaga’s related persons ” and became a vassal. When Nobunaga came to Kyoto, Nobunaga stayed at Mitsuhide’s residence every time and Mitsuhide had gained confidence.
It seems that he had an assassination plan or not, but it is a mystery.
Kensaburo Akechi, a descendant of Mitsuhide, wrote “The war of Honnoji Temple: The Truth in 431 Years,” claiming that Nobunaga ordered Mitsuhide to assassinate Ieyasu . According to the Akechi family, Mitsuhide feared Nobunaga’s invasion of chugoku area and reportedly Ieyasu requested assassinated Nobunaga . The truth of history is always enigmatic, but there is one truth.
Kensaburo Akechi worked at Mitsubishi Electric, examined the literature, discovered the Spanish “Kingdom of Japan”, and based on Ieyasu’s darkness plan initiated by himself at the time of Nobunaga’s last word ” Unavoidable ” It was written that Nobunaga himself had been revenged.
The story of Honnoji-war is rewritten conveniently by Hideyoshi, and Akechi family has claimed that “Japanese have been deceived for 430 years.

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