Kyoto cuisine and hospitality VOL.4

Yoshie Doi

 Kyoto cuisine, which is eaten as a matter of course in Kyoto, is said to be a very delicate and thoughtful dish for those who come to Kyoto from overseas and all over the country. A few years ago, when I guided a British family visiting Japan on a private jet, they complimented me on the deliciousness of Kyoto cuisine, and impressed me with the tableware, presentation, room ceremonies, and the comfort of the space. After the meal, the time we had in the tea room seemed to be a blissful time, and he thanked us many times. It was the best hospitality, such as the tableware of the Edo period and the tableware of living national treasures.

 The hospitality of not only long-established restaurants like this, but also Kyoto-style restaurants can be seen in the details. The Kyoto restaurant in Kyoto Station Porta, which I always visit, has reopened after renovation, so I immediately visited. When I have guests from Tokyo or when I don’t have time, I always visit the Kyoto restaurant in Porta, Kyoto Station.

 After finishing the meal, when I asked for some toothpicks, they brought me a basket of toothpicks wrapped in chiyogami like the one in the photo, with “We look forward to seeing you again” written by hand on each one. I chose my favorite thing.

I was always impressed by the polite and warm customer service, but with the toothpick that took the time and effort, my satisfaction level suddenly increased to 1000%. We can clearly see that the owner’s personality is reflected in the shop.

 In Kyoto, this kind of casual hospitality can be seen everywhere. When I took a German to a long-established Kyoto restaurant, we were surprised and delighted that a special steak, which is not available in Kyoto cuisine, was included in the course.

Even if they remove the rules, they know how to please your customers,

I just told them that he is a meat lover, but the restaurant created this kind of menu with the best of it.

 The stylish arrangement of the Kyoto chef, who respects tradition, was still an impressive event.
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