LIBERTE PATISSERIE BOULANGERIE Kyoto is just opened on 5th Oct. 2018 and it is a popular bread store. The shop has its head office in Paris opened the world’s second store in Kyoto. The consumption of bread in Kyoto is the largest in Japan, and it is also an international tourist city that can transmit to the same world as Paris.
It is baked in the shop using flour, butter, salt, confit, etc imported directly from France. The area of the cafe is one floor – and it is spacious.
Store concept It became an overwhelming popular shop in Paris, cherishing the three aspects of transparency, affinity and quality. The open store and the 15 m marble counter are the same as the head office in Paris and have a presence as the face of the shop. There are 85 seats in the cafe space, including terrace, sofa and high counter seats.
A three-dimensional Japanese paper cat which was collaborated by Kenji Yamabe (contemporary artist) and Eriko Horiki (Japanese paper author) is welcomed at the entrance. It is made by a unique method which does not use framework or glue, and it makes a Japanese paper on three-dimensionally molded resin.
The bread using natural yeast, it trails the fragrance of Paris and the table in the store feels France. It seems to be blending into the tourist city Kyoto too. It was even more delicious to eat