Valentine’s Day Meaning

Yoshie Doi

    Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine’s Day, dates back to Roman times in the 3rd century AD. The Roman emperor had trouble with young people who didn’t want to go to war. Because young people do not want to leave their loved ones and go to war. So the emperor tried to forbid marriage and force them to join the war. The youth of Ukraine and Russia in 2022, or most of the people around the world, will be the same.

   In a town in central Italy, Valentinus (Valentino, English reading: Valentine), the current Christian priest of Terni, secretly he had made them to marry for poor young soldiers because he couldn’t stand to see them. When the emperor found out about it, Mr. Valentine was imprisoned and finally executed on February 14, 269 AD.

   At that time, in Rome, there was a festival that lasted for hundreds of years, in which the name of an unmarried woman was written and thrown into a box on February 14th. In 496 A.D., the Pope became worried about the disturbance of public morals, so instead of using a woman’s name, he requested the name of an alien to be used as a life apprentice. And Valentine, who was martyred about 200 years ago, was made the patron saint of the event.

   And on this day, lovers began to exchange presents and cards. Today, Valentine’s cards are used overseas next to Christmas cards. Japan has its own custom of giving chocolates, but in Europe and the United States, gifts such as cards, bouquets, and sweets are given.

   In Japan, chocolate was first given as a gift on Valentine’s Day in 1958, when a chocolate vendor ran a campaign at a department store in Tokyo. Please eat chocolate this year, remembering the Valentine of the 3rd century in Rome who sacrificed her own life to convey the love of God.

   I told you the original meaning of ehomaki, inari sushi, and Valentine’s chocolate.

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