FK3 Viola yedoensis, dandelion and spring weeds

   Yoshie Doi

Viola yedoensis 
Viola yedoensis

Flowers on the Sewaritei

 ”Oh, it’s pretty.” “Here too”, I look at the lovely flowers that bloom on the roadside at my feet. When the cherry blossoms are in bloom, dandelions and viola yedoensis are also in bloom. Both cherry blossoms and dandelions are typical spring flowers, and they are in full bloom here and there.

Every morning, I started picking up fallen leaves, and I got into the habit of looking down and observing. Look at the grass on the side of the road that shines through the asphalt. The grass, which is only about 3 cm long, blooms with flowers and is very lovely.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always liked flowers that are smaller than a single large flower and that are in full bloom. It is a flower like forget-me-not, lily of the valley, and polygonum thunbergii.

Dandelions are blooming here and there on the road about 1 km from my house to the station. Moreover, it is blooming through the asphalt without soil.

Last year, in the fall of 2021, a 20-year-old pine tree was transplanted to the parapet of the Kawai Bridge on the Takano River for widening work. It was in response to a request from the citizens to leave this guts pine, but it is amazing that it has grown for 20 years on alkaline concrete with no soil at all. It was safely transplanted to Kamo-river Triangle Delta Park with it stuck to concrete.

It became a hot topic at the conference in Kyoto prefecture where I participated. It is understandable that there are many fans of guts pine. It seems to be a phenomenon that can be seen not only in Kyoto but also in the whole country such as this guts pine and guts radish. I was keenly aware of the powerful vitality of plants. Every day I say “Thank you” to the flowers, grass and trees that inform me of spring.
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