What is 4th July?

I’m worried about the recent earthquakes in various places. I had been observing seismic clouds while a couple of years immediately after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and made predictions for regions where an earthquake is likely to occur for about two years. There are various theories as to why an earthquake occurs, but in a study by an American university, the economic paper Forbes reported on the announcement of the American Geological Society in 2017 that the decrease in the rotation speed of the earth caused a large earthquake. In addition, according to the announcement of the United States Geophysical Union of the world’s highest authority, it is concluded that it is the moon that slows down the rotation speed of the earth.
https://www.ibtimes.com/moon-slowing-earths-rotation-could-cause-major-earthquakes-2799269  This is an article from last year 2019. According to this research, a big earthquake occurs in the year when the rotation speed of the earth slows down. We discovered that earthquakes of magnitude 7 and above coincide with the year when the rotation speed of the earth slowed down. On 4th July, 2020, the planets are almost in line.
In 2019, scientists at the University of Colorado in the United States analyzed earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or more after 1900 and the arrangement of the moon and the earth, and found that there was a strong correlation between the arrangement of the earth and the moon and the earthquake of the earth. The United States Geophysical Union announced. New viruses, earthquakes, and finance are now attracting worldwide attention, but this July seems to be caution. Kyo-Suzume also held two earthquake lectures because Kiyomizu-dera Temple is right above the active fault. In many cases, shrines and temples have been built along the active fault, and the water that springs out is often good for sake brewing. However, be prepared for disaster prevention on a daily basis. Immediately after the Great Hanshin Earthquake, we conducted a survey of evacuation shelters and presented it as a paper. Please discuss the arrangement of furniture for the elderly and children and the rules of the family at the time of emergency to prepare for a disaster.
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