38 kinds of vegetables at Restaurant Kappa

I had a salad with 38 kinds of vegetables at lunch. The dressing is a pesticide-free onion with a mustard flavor and a refreshing finish with a taste of Tosa Buntan, and it is the first time for a salad to be so deliciously served.
Today we visited for Kyoto’s only Japanese vegetable sommelier association certified restaurant “European restaurant Kappa”. We had the 38 kinds of vegetable salad and there was a masterpiece. There were many vegetables I ate for the first time.

All ingredients have been scrutinized and include appetizers, meat, fish dishes, pasta, mini roast beef bowl , desserts, coffee and everything from start to finish.
The 38 kinds of salads are broccoli, ginseng, kale, trevis, radish, sunny lettuce, purple potherb, artichoke, green leaf, , kohlrabi, walnut red, field radish, black ginseng, aloe vera, lotus root, barilla, yellow kidney bean, frill Lettuce, lettuce, cauliflower, triple beans, white corn, crown daisy, red hearth, early red, sweet potato, small turnip, yacon, onion, Moroccan green beans, brussels sprouts, peas, salad greens, sweet potato pumpkin, ice plant, yellow zucchini, horsebean and purple radish.
Fresh vegetables and delicious meat dishes, fish dishes, taking time and effort, I am impressed by the skill of the chef who devises various ideas. It was a feast. This restaurant is near our Kyo-Suzume office. So if you visit there please drop in our office.
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