BCG inoculation and new coronavirus

Johns Hopkins University BCG World Map
Countries where pale orange is mandatory for BCG vaccinations, purple is discontinued countries and red is not required countries

As the coronavirus infection spreads, the world is amazed every time the news shows that Japanese people are commuting on a crowded train. Readers and writers were surprised by seeing the commuting scene with wearing a flu mask at JR Shinagawa Station. This news was uploaded to Reuters.
By the way, did you take BCG as a child? It is an injection like a stamp. In France, it is a normal injection, now this BCG vaccination is providing some kind of protection against the new coronavirus, laboratories around the world have begun experiments. It seems to be especially effective for BCG made in Japan.
The Maddock Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, announced that it will begin a clinical trial of BCG vaccine tuberculosis for using to prevent a new coronavirus. It seems that they have started experiments at laboratories in other countries.
BCG was developed by the Pasteur Institute in 1908 and was the first vaccine for medical tuberculosis to be orally administered to humans in 1921. This BCG is inoculated to 130 million children every year worldwide. Recent studies have shown that using BCG reduced the number of people infected with a virus similar to the new coronavirus. Therefore, it is speculated that BCG may enhance human basic immune function. In Spain, the vaccination was discontinued in 1981, but in neighboring Portugal, all BCG vaccinations has been administered. One might guess that there is a causal relationship with fewer deaths and an order of magnitude lower infection. Research papers from the Radboud University in the Netherlands have shown that BCG vaccines modulate the innate immune response and protect against infection in addition to tuberculosis.。
The reason why the new coronavirus is rampant in the United States is that there are many illegal immigrants, about 4 million in Los Angeles, 3 million in San Francisco, 2 million in New York, no ID, no insurance,
and It is explained that are a source of infection
It seems that the cost of testing for infection is high and it costs 550,000 yen. In Spain and Italy, where there are many refugees, the infection is spreading rapidly for the same reasons.
The Japanese eat fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce, natto and fish. as it is said that only Japanese have enzymes that digest wakame. Eating sesame, mushrooms, seaweed, and sardines is also considered to be a great preventive and immunity factor, I want to know the goodness of Japanese food which is effective for ACE2 receptor and to eat Japanese food positively. Now that junk food is at the forefront, it may be time to reconsider what has been said that food is life and food is medicine. Now is the time to turn pinch into opportunity. I want to look ahead the times after corona trouble.

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