Pike conger month

Kyoto calls the pike conger month as for July in the Gion Festival                          
Yoshie Doi 

Gion Matsuri will be held for the first time in 3 years. July is all over Gion Matsuri in Kyoto. In Kyoto, July is also called the Hamo tuki (the pike conger month). The reason for having the pike conger in Kyoto in July goes back to the Edo period. The pike conger has a strong vitality and could be carried alive from Naniwa to Kyoto without water.

The etymology of pike conger is said to bite. It is a ferocious and vital fish that bites anything with its sharp teeth. At the end of the rainy season, it is fattily and delicious.

In regions where a lot of fish can be caught, the fish that was thrown away from the soup stock was the pike conger. The chef in Kyoto has devised a way to eat such abandoned fish deliciously. That is the bone cutting of the pike conger.

However these fish are thrown away well, it is said that kyoto cooking expert can cook a pike conger . just as they are said to be a full-fledged cook who can cut the bones of a pike conger.

The pike congers are lined up in the picture of the fish shop in Nishiki Market in the Edo period. In July of the Gion Festival, it seems that the pike conger was also available in Kyoto at the discretion of Yasaka Shrine. Therefore, it is said that he started eating pike conger in the summer.

In Kyoto, it is said that eating long shape foods in the hot summer will give you energy and energy, and eels are also eaten well.

For some reason, a chef from Kumamoto Prefecture (Hosokawa domain) cooked and served a pike conger. Kyoto was the home of the pike conger cuisine, but it was said that Kumamoto chefs and Kyoto chefs have been interacting with each other since the Edo period, but there is no definite evidence.

The pike conger dishes served at the Gion Festival in July include pike conger oysters (Yubiki by hot water), pike conger sashimi, pike conger kuzudaki, pike conger shabu, pike conger sushi, grilled pike conger, and fried pike conger. It seems that Gion Matsuri has come to be called the pike conger festival.

It is said that Kyoto has about 10 times the transaction volume (around 1,000 tons per year) compared to the Tokyo / Tsukiji market, and it seems that the transaction volume from early summer to autumn is the highest in Japan.

In particular, the number increased sharply from July 14th to 16th, when the Gion Festival’s Yoiyama (pre-festival) was held, peaked around July 17th, when the Yamahoko cruise (pre-festival) and Shinko Festival were held, and nearly 10 tons were traded a day. Sometimes.

The pike conger has a lot of small bones, and in order to eat the conger deliciously, a bone-cutting that makes 7 or 8 cuts in 1 cm was born. There is also a pike conger bone cutting knife dedicated to bone cutting. Please enjoy the pike conger dish in the hot summer.
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