Joya no kane and Hatsumode

Yoshie Doi

One day in December, I visited Mr. Okuda of Takagamine Joshoji and I had a report on the efforts of the Kyo-Suzume. At that time, he led the way to the main hall and chanted sutras for me. The chanting was over by hitting the high-pitched and low-pitched bells, and the drums and bells. We have been interacting with each other for 30 years, but this is the first time I have had such a luxurious time.

“I felt like the bells and drums were rid of my evil spirits,” I said, and he told me that the sounds of the bells and drums pierce the devil.

At that time, I remembered that in France, it was said that “Gion Matsuri is a below the level festival” and then I refuted that “this is a festival that communicates with heaven and pays wickedness”. At the Gion Festival, Gion Matsuri will ring a bell and go forward with a unique pitch.

Speaking of which, it is said that human immunity increases with frequency, and that listening to 528Hz music repairs cells. The mystery of sound is intriguing.


If we chaIn the Song dynasty in China (960-1279), a demon enters from the direction of the demon gate (northeast), so a bell was attached to the demon gate to seal the space between the tigers.

If we change the ox and the tiger to the month, it will be the day between December and January. On New Year’s Eve, I got evil influences, so I used a bell to get cleanse a person of evil influences.

By the way, Emperor Kanmu also built Enryakuji Temple on Mt. Hiei to seal the demon gate, and it was said that if you go straight down from that Enryakuji Temple, we will reach the Imperial Palace. Iwashimizu Hachimangu was built on the opposite south side of Urakimon.

Joya no kane is also a custom of throwing away old things and welcoming new ones at the end of the year. Even for the first visit, it has long been a custom for the emperor to worship the sun as he enters the new year. On New Year’s Day, the Emperor has been holding an event to pray for the health of the people and the prosperity of the country for 2600 years.

It is original visit that the first visit of the new year by molting to cleanse the mind and body.

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