Red wine and Natto prevent the growth of the new COVID 19 virus 100%

A team of Professor Kiyoshi Kita of Nagasaki University’s Graduate School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health has published a research paper in an international journal stating that “5-aminolevulinic acid inhibits coronavirus infection”.                              ”5-Aminolevulinic acid” is a natural amino acid commonly known as “5-ALA”, and when a certain amount or more of “5-ALA” is administered in a test tube, they have confirmed the growth of the virus is suppressed. Professor Kita says “As I thought it would probably work, above a certain concentration, it really inhibits growth by 100%,”

Baking soda → electromagnetic waves, radiation

Miso → radioactivity

Sea salt → radioactivity

Green tea → strontium

Seaweed → detox

Baking soda seems to be effective for electromagnetic field countermeasures and prevention of radiation damage, and the US Army recommends baking soda. It is cheap and can be used for cooking and cleaning. It is also effective against cancer, radiation exposure, liver disease, influenza, kidney disease, gastric ulcer, gout, and tooth decay. In the morning, I drink a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water. I often use it for cleaning the kitchen.

Don York of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA, uses baking soda to cleanse uranium-contaminated soil, and sodium carbonate separates and binds uranium from the soil. York has successfully removed 92% of uranium from contaminated soil samples.

Also, citric acid is very good for the body, but we didn’t know this information. I’m looking for various foods that are effective in coronavirus, and it is known that sea salt also pulls out radioactivity from the body.

I also remember reading the records of doctors who succeeded in reducing radiation exposure with brown rice, miso soup, and Natto when they were exposed to radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki just before the end of the war. I would like to review the Japanese food and thank Koji kin (malted rice bacteria ), which exists only in Japan in the world. Every day I realize the wonderfulness of Japanese food. I also eat sardines every day, but I realize that vitamin D is also effective in strengthening immunity. I ate as little processed foods as I could and ate fresh vegetables, seaweed, and then made them at my home when my daughter begged for a wiener in her kindergarten lunch box. I want to keep cooking of handmade food.

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