Self-restraint (Stay home)

I have recalled the vocabulary of self-restraint by Colona related recent news. I had been to Leipzig (Germany) in the past in order to find out the reason why the unit attached to the device does not work after about 16,000 accesses. As you know, Leipzig is a city in the former East Germany, where the Soviet army at that time had been stationed for many years after the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.
When I had visited to Leipzig was the time past one week Soviet army had just returned to their country. After finishing the meeting with the visiting company, I heard about Leipzig variously, and then I was invited to the CEO’s home because there was nothing around here, and I asked his family about various things. Citizens of Leipzig, all the people of East Germany, seemed to have lived with self-restraint for 50 years. The house was 400 years old and the outer wall was 30 cm thick, and it was like a stone fortress. The impression is different from the external appearance, and I got a solid feeling. The spoon and hawk used in the meal were explained to be from 120 years ago, and I was explained the book on the shelf is the first edition of the Bible printed by Gutenberg’s printing machine. It was a business trip that made me realize that 50 years of self-restraint and a different idea of time.
I don’t know how long the corona will be holding from this time, but I think that it will not be the self-restraint period of the people of Leipzig had experienced, but will it be a different environment than before?
This writer thinks it will be time to understand the physical properties of the particles.
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