Storage temperature that keeps delicious

 Yoshie Doi

Rice flour pancakes and cherries for breakfast on a day without appetite

Freshly picked cherries have arrived from a cherry farmer in Yamagata prefecture. They were harvested, refrigerated immediately, and delivered by courier in the refrigerator. The secret of deliciousness is the temperature of storage. It seems that the taste changes just by changing the temperature once.

As soon as I put it in my mouth, the scent of cherries spread all over my mouth, and the sweetness spread.

It’s the first time I’ve ever eaten such a delicious cherry.

For breakfast on a day when it became hot suddenly and I had no appetite, I baked a cake with rice flour and had cherries. I was happy from the morning after eating delicious cherries.

I have heard that a long-established Japanese tea producer in Kyoto preserves tea leaves at 8 degrees. I remember hearing that the storage temperature is different between long-term storage and short-term storage. The owner of a Japanese sweets shop has told me that it is best to store azuki beans at a storage temperature of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius. When high-quality chocolate came into Japan, I remembered that it was analyzed that setting the storage temperature to around 23 degrees Celsius from the import destination to the storefront in Japan was the biggest factor in the hit.

I have been shown the best wine storage in Japan. This reminds me of a bottle with a finger pointing at a bottle that costs 10 million yen. As you all know, it is 13 to 15 degrees all year round.

日There are four seasons in Japan, and the temperature difference is large depending on the season, so we want to identify the properties of each food and pursue the deliciousness of each food at home.

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