Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves Shinichi Otaki

When the breathing season turns white, autumn leaves will be the last stage. When I lived near Hikone Castle, my daily routine was to take a morning walk. It was open to Hikone citizens early in the morning until admission required, and radio exercises were held every day in the open space of castle tower . I was taking a walk inside around Hikone Castle. I started to observe the colored leaves of Ginkgo trees and oak trees on the walking path. I was observing with the thought that the order of the coloration of the leaves of the branches and leaves that were separated from the same trunk, the order of the leaves that colored first, and the leaves that fell last.
Observations have shown that the autumn leaves have advanced from the leaves that have been exposed to the sun for a long time and have been in the limelight of the sun. If you get lost way in forest during the autumn leaves season, the autumn leaves state will be a guide.
There may be similar things in life and company life. For those who have been involved in development work, it is necessary for someone to take the lead and pioneer unknown areas. The first leaves that turn red may be likened to their predecessors. Or we can compare it to those who were young and shining in the limelight.
It can be said that the slow leaves of autumn leaves are not in the spotlight and are standing up to live the remaining their life strongly.
It may change depending on the passage of time, which stage is close to life, but I am thinking about next year while looking back over the autumn leaves this year.


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