2nd Okudosan (Traditional cooking stove) Summit Part 2 

Kyoto’s ultimate power gourmet, Aburimochi Ichimonjiya wasuke (Part 2)
Yoshie Doi

“2nd Okudosan (Traditional cooking stove) Summit” was held on December 8,
2019. The venue is Ichimonjiyawasuke on the approach to Imamiya Shrine. 35 people involved in Okudosan have gatherered there, and the potential of rice, such as Okudosan’s creator, user, researchers, home electric rice cooker designers, Okudosan owners, rice officials, etc. Various members gathered, such as sweets developers who pursue.
One word spoken in that, the important word remains in my heart. “I’ve been here for thousands of years, and I’m grateful that my ancestors have been building and protecting this place. I did. ” Kenichi Hasegawa, the owner, talked to the participants in front of Okudosan, and then participants have imagined his ancestors of a thousand years ago. The thoughts of the Ichiwa family resonated with the participants.
One participant commented, “I attended the 2nd Okudosan Summit, and I thought the depth of Kyoto’s culture is supported by unapparent people and it has been inherited and protected. I learned a lot. Thank you.
“I think that excavating and sending out cultural heritage around our life is a truly significant activity. It is undoubtedly possible for foreign people to sympathize with the world as a value of the world, so we will continue to spread Kyoto culture and expand it together in the future. I would like to visit there into contact with Kyoto culture. ”

On this day, Nobuo Nakagawa (Prema’s president) had treated a gerrard made of 100% rice. Someone commented “Eating at the sametime Aburi mochi (rice cake) made with the same method as thousant years ago and cutting-edge Gerrard of the 21st century, that is a miracle Collaboration. Anyway, the Okudosan summit was filled with Okudosan’s love, rice and Kyoto’s love. the 3rd Okudosan summit will be held at the Yamazaki Family on December 20, next year. Please look forward to next summit.

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