Ultimate cross-cultural experience

I was in charge of planning and providing information on Kyoto for the Minister’s House in Bangladesh for two days from March 31st to April 1st this year. I thought that they were looking forward to the cherry blossoms in Japan, so I thought about a course that enjoys the beautiful scenery of Kyoto.
On the first day of arriving, I asked for Shouei Okuda, a resident of Josho Temple, in the evening. As soon as we arrived and read, “Please pray for the safety of the trip, I will give you a prayer” for twenty minutes, but I was surprised at the unexpected. I was very worried about whether the Muslims could understand it.入洛の初日、
Then he said, “It was very good to know what the buddist prays like.” In addition, preaching was also heard seriously, and questions and answers were boosted. “The human beings are living for death, but when you look at them from the opposite direction, you can understand very well …. It is the ultimate cross-cultural exchange.
“To join hands together, the right hand is a clean hand, the left hand is an impure hand, and by consolidating, a clean hand means Buddha and an unclean hand points to a human being. It means that human beings are united, and in that sense we pray for Buddha .

Also, the next day, I asked for a ticket for “Miyako-Dance “, which will start from April 1, from Gion’s tea store Matsuhae, and made a reservation. It is a tea shop that was a favorite of Jiro Shirasu.
Before, Akita Prefecture was awarded the “Koibun to Kyoto”, but I was not able to come to the prize ceremony on a school trip, and it was a relationship that the Matsuyae of a female general and a young female general representative attended Well, I had the opportunity to ask. The Kabuki practice hall were under construction for earthquake resistance, and this year’s event was held in Minamiza, but everyone was very happy.
Cherry blossoms in the beautiful season, celebrities in the world have heard that they will go out to see the Japanese cherry blossoms in April and the roses in the UK in May, but that season, that there is the happiness to be able to present at the moment only at that time, I felt a lot this time. Every year, it is natural for you to be able to see cherry blossoms, but I am grateful that I was born in a beautiful country.

Kyoto, which has many tourists from overseas, has accepted tourists from the Edo period, but we did not think that so many tourists would come. We would like to make a response as soon as possible that residents and tourists can coexist well.
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