Full moon day 

First full moon in 2020 is January 11

On the day of the full moon, jewels and stones were laid as if the moonlight was pouring, burning porcelain incense, and my daughter was purifying accessories. It is said that innocence is used to purify the mind and body, but incense is also a tool that works on instinct beyond reason and polish the senses that turn on the mind. An ideal space for meditation between the alpha and sheet waves of the brain, a quiet space is just right. It is also said that if we make a wish on a full moon, our wish will come true. The first full moon in 2020 is January 11. I also write my wishes on the full moon day and pray to the moon.

There was an article in the interview with Mr. Toemon Sano who said that “Cherry blossoms toward the full moon”, and it is impressive and remains in my memory. Does the timing at which flowers bloom also come into a natural rhythm?

When I want to refresh, I burn incense and recover my composure . The reason for giving incense to the deceased is that the food in the next heaven world is incense. I asked Shoeido for the lecture on incense when I started a Kyo-suzume school. It menas to listen to incense is called monko. Why don’t you make your wishes a month on the first full moon of 2020?