Fresh tea season II  The efficacy and peace of mind of Japanese tea-Peacefulness from the first cup

Yoshie Doi

 Even though I love coffee, I drink Japanese tea every morning and every night. I often eat out for lunch and drink tea or water from the shop. I enjoy a variety of Japanese teas, so I receive seasonal Japanese teas for each season. By the way, the coffee is the same type for 20 years.

 Along with Shizuoka, Kyoto is one of the major production areas of Japanese tea, and tea plantations can be seen nearby. There are many places where you can visit the tea factory. I visited Uji and Wazuka many times to pick tea. I had the tea leaves picked in the morning made into tea leaf tempura for lunch, and I also experienced making tea.

 After making the tea, I can experience the old-fashioned way of making tea and enjoy the tea leaves with ponzu so that I can take in the maximum amount of nutrition contained in the tea leaves. Very refreshing and delicious. Everyone please try it once. It’s a waste to throw away the tea leaves.

 Japanese tea has wonderful benefits. It’s catechin. Among green teas, sencha contains 12% catechins, bancha 10%, and gyokuro 9%, all of which are said to be good for health and beauty.

 Antioxidant action, antiviral action, anticancer action, sterilization, antibacterial, steaming place, bad breath prevention, and obesity prevention are also effective. It is not only green tea that contains bitter ingredients that are good for the body. Bitter vegetables are also said to be good for the body. Hojicha loses catechins when roasted over high heat, reducing the content. In the hot summer, tea leaves are placed under the ice to make tea slowly. It’s very delicious.

 Also, when you have matcha, you can relax even when you are busy. When I was young, I used to drink matcha milk. In 1950, when Mr. Genshitsu Sen of the Urasenke family visited the United States for the first time, right after the end of the war, without system of having a passport, he held a teacup and said, “Peacefulness from one bowl.” ” was appealed. In the tea ceremony, even samurai were not allowed to wear a sword in the tea room, and they performed the tea ceremony in America, the home of democracy.

 ”Peacefulness from one bowl” was announced in the United States. After knowing this deep meaning, I savor matcha with this word in mind. Japan has an old and new spirit.

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