Does the new coronavirus infection through airborne, too ?

WHO (World Health Organization) published on July 6th in the New York Times article, “The new coronavirus infect through airborne, too. The virus floats well over 2 meters.” .Reuters reported that it was scrutinizing the requests of several 239 scientists. We can see that the virus is still unknown. In addition, the news that the plague occurred in Inner Mongolia of China was also reported. They have dengue fever and swine flu. Difficult problems such as floods, epidemics, and economic failures all over the world are being posed one after another.

The new coronavirus is not only a droplet infection, but it has been reported that the virus floated in the air and was carried to multiple tables by air conditioning, etc., and ventilation is required.

 The virus size of COVID19 is 100nm (nanometer), such as we also sent out on the blog of Kyo Suzume on March 15. 300,000 particles of this 100nm size are suspended in a 30 cm cube. It does not fall down its own weight. It adheres to objects such as walls, windows, floors, tables, etc. by riding on the air flow, and adheres to all things on the earth. It moves to a person by the physical force exerted by the contact of hands. The mask has the effect that the infected person does not directly touch their mouth with their hands, and the carrier has the role of reducing the spray infection to the non-carrier. Our infection control strategy is to wash our hands frequently after we grab, touch or manipulate anything with our hands. When we get home, wash our hands, gargle, and if possible, gargle through our nose and wash our face. In the space (building/train) where the up flow air is flowing upward, the COVID 19 floating time continues for a long time, resulting in a high infection rate. Infection increases highly inside of structures where an unspecified number of people intervene, and the building has experimental data in which a large amount of particles are suspended in the space from the floor of the building to 0.86 m. I would make a proposal it’s safe to avoid having a meeting at a table at a height as low as 0.86 m or less from the floor, or eating. We also propose the structure of the hospital and the structure of the train on this HP of Kyo Suzume. We hope that you will take action after understanding about fine particles. 

While customers haven’t recovered to restaurants, there are studies that the three keywords are food, contact, and washing, and home-based food is becoming the mainstream. The author has been in charge of the NHK Cultural Center course for about 17 years, but I am keenly aware of the rigor of eating and drinking in restaurants. The course called “Kyoto food story” has been also canceled from March to July. For having the fieldwork course, I visit to the food site for negotiating, but we need to sit at a distance of 1 meter or more, but it is a difficult task.

US JPMorgan Chase & Co economist Jesse Edgarton analyzed usage data for 30 million credit and debit card holders and Johns Hopkins University infection tracker data, which resulted in card payments. We released data that the more areas they pay in the supermarket than pay in restaurants, the less infection you get after 3 weeks.

On July 6, in Miami, USA, they ordered a ban on eating and drinking at restaurants and the closing of the gym. The number of new infections on the 6th was 11,000, which is due to the spread of infection in Florida, but we would like to pay attention to it in Japan. Be careful, as it is often not revealed by an unknown virus.

There is a high possibility that a catastrophic disaster will occur in combination with a plague, such as a plague, an earthquake, an eruption, a heavy rain, a flood, etc. There is a possibility that all the lifelines will stop by the catastrophic.  It is also safer to keep cash at hand. ATMs cannot be used if there is a power outage.

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