Ryokan Hotel Shiraume

On TripAdvisor, the hotel Ryokan Shiraume is the # 1 hotel inn in Kyoto.

I visited a restaurant Ryokan Shiraume along Gion Shirakawa river for lunch. The moist and calm atmosphere was very entertaining so that I forgot the heat of midsummer and the food was so delicious, too . In addition, the scenery of the Higashiyama area seen from the window is likened to Kyoto, and it has been burned into my heart.
The dishes on the course were also exciting and thrilling, and I enjoyed it for 2 hours until it was over. A matsutake soup has also appeared, and the final dish is Akashi-octopus rice cooked, and the seasonal octopus is delicious and I usually can’t accept it anymore, but I was able to eat it.

Kamo-eggplant and stewed beef    Akashi-octopus rice cooked

On TripAdvisor, the hotel Ryokan Shiraume is the # 1 hotel inn in Kyoto for 8 years. There is also #1 hotel inn in japan. The secret of why this is so loved is in the hospitality philosophy of the landlady. “The inn is not an accommodation facility. It is an experience facility,” she said. “No, what was requested 20 years ago is different from what is currently required.” It was only.
From her experience of flying around the world as a cabin attendant, she knows deeply what foreigners visiting Japan want in Kyoto culture. Responding to the needs of tourists both in Japan and abroad. That’s what it takes to reach an itchy place. It was a day when I was happy with the best hospitality and cooking of the landlady.