Ninja Dojo in Kyoto city

There is a Ninja Dojo that is Popular with foreigners at Muromachi-St. and Ayanokoji-St. Sometimes, when it comes to shopping department number 1 on TripAdvisor, you can see how popular it is.
Up until now, it was introduced in English, but now it is introduced in Japanese, and we speak English, French and Japanese. Whatever time you visit, they have trial lessons, especially foreign children taking lessons customarily. The shuriken is also selling there, and it is a devise shuriken that does not cause any injury.
From the perspective of the Japanese, I think why it is a ninja experience in Kyoto, but it is a wonderful thing to be able to experience ninjas in sightseeing spots Kyoto even if foreigners do not go to Iga or Koga. It was a day that enjoyed the fun of Cool Japan.
This Ninja Dojo is near our Kyo-Suzume office. So if you visit there please drop in our office.

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