The 2nd Kyo-Suzume College was held in commemoration of Professor Yasunari Kawabata’s 120th birthday

June 14 is the birthday of Dr. Yasunari Kawabata. It will be 120 years old this year. We held the 2nd Kyo-Suzume College for the celebration.

Through exchanges between Dr. Yasunari Kawabata and Painter Higashiyamakaii, they have lamented about how Kyoto’s city changes with the desire for Kyoto and Kyoto’s high economic growth, and the story of why the “Koto : old city” was written. In addition, I thanked the two giants while seeing the town and nature of the Kyoto where the Higashiyamakaii paintings were drawn.
“There is a large painter named Higashiyama Kaii who had friendship with Yasunari Kawabata, but Mr. Higashiyama-san said,” Please draw such a work that you can keep the figure of Kyoto. “It seems to have asked quite enthusiastically. That’s why Higashiyama-san was written, for example, “Kyorakusiki : Kyoto Four Seasons”. I think this is a job that matches the purpose of Kyo-Suzume, and I think that the two artists worked together for a while in the postwar period, forming a tag, so to speak, for the sake of Japanese culture. I think it is very important to work as a foundation of the company,” said Professor Kori Kawabata.
In addition, at the Kyo-Suzume College held in 2008, “we cannot leave anything even if people die, but we would like to once again remember that Dr. Yasunari was told in the Nobel Prize-winning speech that nature will remain. In addition, the actor, Mr.Asahi Kurizuka, who appeared in the movie “Koto”, also participated, and was told about the perspective of the movie from the perspective of the actor. As a producer of the movie “Koto”, which was released in 2016, I participated in the film production from the planning stage, and I was deeply moved to hear Mr. Kurizuka’s story. It was also a friendly celebration.
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