Daimaru Kyoto store 8th floor family restaurant will be closed at the end of February



A line to buy tickets before noon.

             Yoshie Doi


Thanksgiving adult children’s lunch menu

 The family cafeteria on the 8th floor of the Daimaru Kyoto store, which has been popular since the Taisho era, will close at the end of February. When I visited for lunch, it was a long line of people who bought meal tickets. It took about 15 minutes here, and about 10 minutes before entering the cafeteria due to entrance restrictions, and it took a total of 40 minutes to sit in a chair and have lunch.

 There are a lot of middle-aged people and nostalgic people who bring big cameras to take pictures. The times have changed, and the family cafeteria in the department store in Kansai will disappear with the closure of this Daimaru Kyoto store.

 I had a children’s lunch that I’ve been familiar with since I was a child. Western-style restaurants still have kid’s lunch, but I have many memories of the kid’s lunch at the department store. I used to go out with my family and always had a kid’s lunch, and at a Western-style restaurant, I always had a kid’s lunch.

 In Kyoto, Daimaru is the only department store called “Daimaru-san”. It has been popular in Kyoto since it was founded in Fushimi in 1717 as a character shop of a large kimono dealer in the Edo period. It feels lonely that the family cafeteria will be closed for about 110 years from the first year of the Taisho era (1912) when it opened as a guest cafeteria, but the times are steadily advancing, and it will become more specialty stores in the future.

 Are hamburgers, ramen and donuts now popular with children instead of kids’ lunch? Even if the times change, I want to have a nutritionally balanced diet.

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