Summer memories, Aman Kyoto

 I visited Aman Kyoto in August this year. It is a hotel that finally opened in the autumn of last 20 years from the concept. The concept of Aman Kyoto, which is built in the forest, is a hotel built to blend in with nature. The entire large site is built at the foot of the mountain like a forest. The site is 24,000 m2. The total area of the site, including the forest, is approximately 320,000 m2. (8 times that of Koshien Stadium) I feel that the five senses become mellow, as the sounds, wind, light, and incense of nature melt into one another. Is this a gift from nature?

 Normally, only guests can use the restaurant at Aman Kyoto, but due to the corona turmoil, we could not expect inbound, so we made use it for people other than guests this time.ア

 It seems that the former owner had planned to build a textile museum on the Aman site at the foot of Takagamine, and the mossy garden was very beautiful. The hospitality was truly Aman style. The hospitality of the staff, and what we were impressed with is that I understand the local pattern of Kyoto and use local Kyoto vegetables and seasonings, so the food is very delicious and tastes like Kyoto taste. I thought it would be suitable for people who are very strict. The butter container is provided in the sake cup, which matches the unexpectedness of the idea. It’s just wonderful.

 Among the foreign-affiliated hotels in Kyoto, the beauty of indirect intelligence using Japanese paper for the use of vessels was completed in total. It is often the case that only the Nishijin weave wall is closed up or only a part of it is symbolized as “The Kyoto”, but the aura with a modest presence ameliorates the mind and body so that it blends into the foot of the mountain. It will be healed. This was Kyoto itself, “a city that enriches our mind and turns into energy just by being there”. It is a memory of the summer when I refrained from going out.

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