Participating in the 10th anniversary symposium of the Regional Revitalization Awards

Award ceremony and symposium held at Tokyo Toshi Center Hotel
Ten years ago, I participated as the head of an organization that received the first Regional Revitalization Award and to be firmly determined further promote activities for regional revitalization. I was able to interact with many friends from all over the country.
Unlike 10 years ago, this year’s award was given to the award-winning activities that have evolved from organizations that have diversified, commercialized, and collaborated.
Not only in Kyoto but also in the revitalization contents that are indispensable in the whole country, I received courage and thought about various things.

In each region, a prize is awarded to an organization that is taking the necessary activation measures. Fukui Prefecture’s Grand Prize-winning organization appeals to those who own vacant houses via the Internet as these system , as a part of measures for vacant houses, and succeeds in matching those who want to lease a vacant houses and those who want to move in. The activities involving the government, financial institutions and many others were wonderful. The advanced support system was very helpful and inspiring.
Kyo-Suzume has been active for 20 years. It has passed 20 years in an instant. Furthermore, it was a day when I determined to return to the basics and make the activities of Kyo-Suzume a reality and pass it on to the next generation.
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