At the ancient Egypt exhibition

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Torii of Heian Jingu 

Kyoto City Kyocera Museum

West view from the lobby

Inside the building

Ticket with barcode

I went to the Egyptian exhibition which is opening in Kyoto. These collections are belong to National Berlin Egyptian Museum. That exhibition is open until June 27th, so I suddenly thought about it. It was a long time ago, but I remembered that my father took me to the “Tutankhamen Exhibition” at the former Kyoto City Museum of Art. Until recently, I also have kept the catalog I bought at that time. There is also an exhibit that was exhibited for the first time in Japan, which is a little different from the exhibit at that time.

I had used to go to the former Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.  I visited the renovated Kyocera Museum for the first time. The ticket is a bar code photo ticket, and it is a system that acquires data on the number of people in the hall to manage the staying time.

What I was most interested in at this Egypt exhibition was that the afterlife view of the world was the same as that of Egypt 4,000 years ago and Japan. When I was in elementary school, I researched the Egyptian pyramids many times, and it was reported that there were toilets in graves that the dead would use. The idea is that there is an afterlife.

In this exhibition, the dead will be cross-examined to see if they have lied to God or if they have done anything wrong, and the world after death will be decided. Even in Japan, when Enma crosses the Sanzu River, it has been said that Enma decides whether it is a river that reaches the ankles, a river that reaches the knees that does not drown, or a river that has a drowning amount of water. In Egypt, we measure which way to go with a balance, but the idea is the same. It is said that the afterlife is determined by what you do while you are alive.

It was a day when I became an adult, watched the Egyptian exhibition again, touched the mythical world, and pondered various things.
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