Let’s taste Kyoto food of catering culture at Gion Festival Ofune-hoko house, restaurant Yaosada

Gion Festival becomes 1150 years this year. It started in the year 869. The town of Kyoto, which will be the Gion Festival, in particular Hoko-machi area, will start preparing from May and will be the busiest season of the year. We visited “restaurant Yaosada” located in Ofune-hoko machi. On the first floor, the wheels of the Ofune-hoko are stored in the show window, and the hoko-machi of the whole town are decorated on one wall. On the window side, the bamboo used to turn the direction of the Hoko in Shijo-Kawaramachi, is decorated with Mizuhiki (red-and-white paper string) wrapped around it. I used to go lunch well and call it “Kyo-Suzume’s cafeteria”. The character of the chef, who selects the ingredients and cooks over time, appears in the dishes.
Kyoto has long been a catering culture town, and Iden, Kyoto cuisine
Kinobu and Yaosada served catering at Shijo-Karasuma area.
When visitors came to their house, they ordered from Udon, Kaiseki, Sushi, Shokado Bento, etc. to a caterer. In Nishijin area, there was a time when a large banquet was also held with the invitation of Geiko performing arts.
Currently, the number of people who go to restaurants have increased, but there were many catering shops around the middle of the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras. There are a number of restaurant in Kyoto that changed to restrant from catereing store. Yaosada supply a meal of that catering culture.

Gion Festival
In Kyoto, the farming cycle generally constitutes an annual event, which results in a large festival before spring planting and after the autumn harvest. It has been influenced by the Spirit, who thinks that the spirits of the dead, who are unwilling to this world, will spread the plague.
In addition, an observational Jogan-earthquake occurred on May 26th 869, and the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 was a magnitude of 8.1, but the observational earthquake was reported that the magnitude was 8,3. Tsunamis flooded the land in the country at night, and have been recorded in the “Nippon three Generation Record” with 1,000 dead people.
In 869 the plague occurred nationwide, the great earthquake also occurred, and the rumor of “Gion Gozu Tenno’s resentment” is spreading. In order to get rid of this, on June 7 of the Old Calendar, the shrine was reported to Sinsenen which was the largest garden in Heian-kyo, and 66 shrines were made in honor of the number of countries at that time, and a festival was held on 14th. It is said that the beginning of the Gion Festival is that a boy in the middle of his life carry a portable shrine to the shrine to pray for the elimination of calamity.

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