History of humankind and medicine, and health (I)

I have basically avoided the use of medicines, wondering when human beings have been taking medicines. Even when I was hospitalized due to imminent premature birth, I was discharged without taking any medicine. But I couldn’t escape the injection and had to accept it. Thankfully my daughter grew up with a good health, but I still hate medicine. Although I took bitter Chinese herbal medicine, but I spit out the sweet medicine of Western medicine, because I was not good at it .

 I would like to consider how the history of vaccines and drugs has evolved during the recent corona pandymic.

 In the Mesopotamian civilization around 4000 BC, many clay tablets have been discovered with the plant names of the herbs taken by the Sumerians had been taken as medicie. The world’s first pharmacy magazine, Materia Medica, is said to have been written by the ancient Greek pharmacist Pedanius Dioscorides around 100 AD, so it is evidence that human beings used drugs around this time. 

Dioscorides, as a samurai doctor of Roman emperor Nero, describes the herbs and usages collected in each region from his experience of visiting fighting in various regions with the army.

Even in China, it is said that “Shinno honzohkyo” was written around 100 AD. A classic medicine book. Shinno is a legendary emperor of ancient China, and is also regarded as the god of medicine because he tried the effects of grass and tree roots himself.

It is interesting to see the medicine books appearing in the east and west of the earth around 100 AD.

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