At the Kyoto Imperial Palace special visit

Two wells of Otsune Palace 


We look forward to visiting at the Kyoto Imperial Palace every year. This time, I saw the craftsmanship of court culture. On the final day, I enjoyed in the study area the fusuma paintings, the character pointing, and the ox cart of the school.

Since it was under a corona disaster, I came at 9 am, but the number of visitors was sparse, and it was a truly luxurious visit.

At the time of the visit last year, there was a guide from the staff of the Imperial Household Agency, but this year, we started to visit by ourselves. It is a course that goes around from Seisho-Gate. The gravel road is also comfortable and the whole atmosphere feels like a time slip. Since I usually walk on concrete roads, the gravel and soil roads feel very fresh

This time, I would like to introduce the well of Otsune Palace. It is an ordinary well without a name, but it was a well that I was very interested in because it was a well that was usually used by successive emperors.

There are three famous wells in the Imperial Palace. There are three wells as Sachinoi well, Agatai well, Somedonoi well. One is the well of the baby birth house when Emperor Meiji was born, and there is a small house at near Gate, entering from Imadegawa-dori. There is Sachinoi-well, where Emperor Meiji was born and was used to prepare hot water. As for the fire, the fire of Okudosan (Kamado) of Michiyoshi Kawabata of Timakishi was carried to Nakayama’s house and the hot water was boiled.

We can always see it from outside the fence. Kyoto Gyoen is open 24 hours , 365 days a year. A photo is attached, so please take a look at the actual well. Please enjoy the next number.

Sachinoi well sign

Emperor Meiji’s birthplace 

Sachinoi well 

Agatai well

Someido well       

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