Autumn leaves in Kyoto

Yoshie Doi

Autumn leaves of Ginkakuji Togudo on November 10, 2022

 Arashiyama on November on November 13.2022

November 10, 2022 Kansetsu Hashimoto’s Kansetsu cherry blossom autumn leaves Philosopher’s Path

November 13, 2022 Autumn leaves at a private house in Yamagoe after the rain

October 21, 2022 Autum sky(Akizora)

In November, the season of autumn leaves, the number of visitors from overseas and people from all over the country is increasing. I often pass by people staying in Kyoto. After all, does the season of autumn leaves fascinate as many people as the season of cherry blossoms? Furthermore, the autumn sky this year was so wonderful that I took many pictures. This is the first time.

Arashiyama, one of the most popular tourist destinations, was crowded with people even though it was a rainy Sunday. The day I went to Ginkakuji was a weekday, but it was overflowing with students on school excursions, tourists from overseas, and people enjoying themselves. Ginkakuji, which I visited for the first time in a long time, was so crowded that I was surprised, but the parking lot was full of buses and cars with numbers from other prefectures.

Autumn leaves are dyed red from places that receive a lot of sunlight early. It is sometimes compared to a person who gets the limelight early on and a life that attracts attention later in life. The contrast between green and red in the shade was beautiful and artistic, and the autumn leaves of the cherry blossoms and the canal berries planted by Kansetsu Hashimoto were also wonderful. Autumn leaves turn red in the process of falling leaves for winter preparations.

I’ve heard that people overseas travel to see cherry blossoms in Japan in April and roses in England in May. In addition, autumn leaves are particularly beautiful in Japan, and there are 28 types of maple trees that turn red in Japan, while there are only 13 types in Europe and the United States. The temperature difference suitable for autumn leaves is also large in Kyoto, which is located in a basin, and Kyoto’s autumn leaves are said to be the best in Japan. Please enjoy the autumn leaves season.

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