Cuisine by White-Miso in the restaurant

It takes ten minutes by walk from Yamari-san to restaurant Suetomo in Gion. We have had the dishes using White-Miso of Yamari for lunch here.
The first work of Gion Suetomo was to drilling well at the opening time. The water of Yasaka was pumped up, the water which is the basis of cooking was secured, and restaurant was opened.
Opened the restaurant in 2009 and 10 years in this year, Mr. Hisashi Suetomo made his own design with particular emphasis on the aesthetics of Japanese architecture and architectural beauty with the philosophy that the stance is also one of the cuisine.
Since entering the entrance, it seems that the time of Kyoto’s extraordinary flow has passed. And, the meal was thought out to provide artistic pleasing and the ultimate food taste.
In particular, the Hassun was used for plate was too artistic offer, so it was too regrettable that we ate them, and it was a picture-like offering that was appropriate for May. In addition, the stone dish was frozen and the menu of the frozen salmon sashimi on it was excellent, it was the first experience and I had tasted the first texture. At the end of the course, the barley tea and lemon iced barley tea were refreshingly delicious. While there are many well-known stores in Gion area, restaurant Suetomo has already joined the well-known store.

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