NARAZUKE Chobee Tanaka

We visited Tanaka-cho Co., Ltd. and we heard the origin of Narazuke.
The origin of pickles seems to be the roots of pickles when vegetables were served with alga salt when they were offered to God.
Narazuke is born in Nara age, it pickles vegetables in rice bran. There was a good rice wine in Nara. Sweet sake is made with soy sauce and glutinous rice. Narazuke of tanaka-cho is pickled with sweet sake. It produced sweet sake from the beginning of company on 1798 (The first year of Kansei) And, Tanaka-cho has produced Narazuke with pickling with sweet sake and aging them for two years and that period、It is pickled many times and finished to a mellow taste. The method of pickling has not changed for 200 years since its establishment.
There is a description of Kasuzukeuri (melon), Kasuzukenokaranasubi (eggplant), Kasuzukeuri (melon), etc. in the wood (Mokkan) (current delivery card for home delivery service) excavated from the Nagaya residence in the Nara era. “This is considered the prototype of Nara-zuke.


My parents often bought them as Kyoto souvenirs, Tanaka-Cho’s Nara-zuke and Mochizuki (The Mochizuki of the main full moon office, which was founded in Sanjo Kiyamachi, founded in the first year of the Meiji Era)was. The long-lasting and cold Mochizuki was my favorite candy when I was a child. I also enjoyed watching the Mochizuki baked on the iron plate.
Mochizuki is closed in May 2006 and is a long-established confectionery that is not come to hand them.
Nara-zuke, which I was often eaten since childhood, is nostalgic and delicious anytime you eat.