Kyo-Suzume collage in Paris and Madrid

In Kyo-Suzume school, we have opened several courses at the traditional industries in Kyoto. In particular, Kitayama Migaki forestry site, foil shop workshop, tofu shop, Katsuraame workshop which has already been discontinued, tea shop, Japan’s oldest tea shop Aburimochi-Ichiwa, pottery experience in pottery workshop, the restoration work site of Nishi Honganji, Starting with the site course on the site continues for 17 years, and after transitioning to a general incorporated association this year, we have opened the Kyo-Suzume College. This year marks the 19th year. In addition, Paris Kyo-Suzume School (Oct.
2013) and Spanish Kyo-Suzume School (April 2018) were opened. In Madrid, JNTO and JETORO co-sponsored a 150-year commemorative course of the establishment of the Japan-West diplomacy last year, and we held four courses for two days, and played a role in international exchange.
We will learn a lot of memories and wisdom of Kyoto, and in 2019, we will welcome the first year of the year Reiwa, and we will add ideas to the dispatch of Kyoto.

Kyo-Suzume College in Spanish


Kyo-Suzume school in Paris        Exchange of opinions with Mr. Takeuchi President
of the Paris Japan culture hall

In October 2013, the Kyo-Suzume School was held at Play bac Presse in the 3rd district Play bac Presse of Paris , courtesy visit by Sawako Takeuchi of Paris Japan Cultural Center, and exchange of ideas and culture of Japanese culture and Kyoto.
I had a dinner party with Mr. Noriko Tominaga (Director of the Japan-France Economic Exchange Committee) and her husband in the Paris Chamber of Commerce, with listening to the history of the exchanges between the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce presidents and the Paris Chamber of Commerce, It was an event in Paris that I strongly felt that I wanted to deepen the friendship between the city and Kyoto city.
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