Participating in the 10th Anniversary General Meeting of the World Cultural Heritage Regional Cooperation Conference

General meeting at ZOOM

Ten years ago, in June, the inauguration ceremony of the “World Cultural Heritage Regional Cooperation Conference” was held at a hotel in Tokyo. I still remember that people from all over the country gathered and exchanged opinions. Ten years have passed since then. It’s too early for the months to pass. The general meeting and summit were held every year, but this time it was an online general meeting at ZOOM. Participate from all over the country using a computer or smartphone. I could clearly see the speaker’s face, and I thought this was also a good form of conference format.

Members consisting of the mayor of a municipality with world cultural heritage, the section in charge, etc. and the private sector are considered to be an exquisite member composition. With the addition of not only the government but also the private sector, universities, and the media, we have a wealth of ideas, and there is much to learn from each of the organizations that disseminate local culture.

“Kyo-Suzume” is also an organization that discovers and disseminates the cultural heritage of living, and by participating in this conference and considering the issues for the next 10 years, I feel that it will be connected → collaboration → consideration.

The Chinese proverb says, “The ten years is great, The twenty years is awe, The thirty years is history.” we have set out for the next 10 yers with the image of the 20th World Cultural Heritage Regional Cooperation Conference 10 years from now. It is the days when we can grasp the significance of culture because it is a corona disaster.

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