World’s first, unprecedented, prize for winning consecutive world tournaments

PremarchéGelateria’s gelato has won the prize for the third consecutive year at the Italian World Championship!
Premarché Gelateria Nobuo Nakagawa president

Gelato shop “Premarché Gelateria” is in Horikawa Sanjo shopping street
Premarché Gelateria
After only ten months’s trial, Mr. Nobuo Nakagawa was involved in gelato three years ago in 2017 and entered the world tournament alone and won the prize with his first participation. Until this year in 2020, President Nakagawa was won the prize for three consecutive years. It is an unprecedented achievement. Congratulations.

Some of the gelatoes made by “Premarché Gelateria” include gelato made by 100% rice. A miracle gelato with no additives, no pesticides, no stabilizers, no emulsifiers. It expands the possibilities of rice for Japan in the rice cultivation, and it is also a content that we hope to see in future activities and development.
He attend from the first summit as a member of Kyo-Suzume’s Okudo-san (Traditional cooking stove) Summit, all participants enjoyed the deliciousness of 100% rice gelato.
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