Vaccine history and immunity-boosting dietary history

Foods have medicine effect and food has a detoxifying effect

There is a lot of information about corona vaccination. There is also the exact opposite information, and we should decide whether or not to inoculate any information for yourself based on the criteria of judgment. For social life, whether or not to inoculate to protect people other than yourself, on the contrary, there are side effects, and the guinea pig rat struck for the vaccine test died two years later.

They also found that guinea pig mice have a lifespan of two years, so they are unrelated to the vaccine and do not provide evidence. There is information that the person who received the vaccination will die after 5 years, but whatever the cause of the death after 5 years, it can be said, and there is no data evidence at this stage before 5 years have passed.

Humans seem to be brainwashed creatures from ancient times. Especially when we paid money for that information, it makes us want to believe it. There is a site that disseminates information even if it takes money, too. It seems like a commercial law that uses the psychology of human beings who believe in the information they paid for. Conflicting information is mixed in the phenomenon of the spread of the Internet. I think there are conflicting opinions about whether or not. We think that plausible information requires why, why, why … why and developers to ask themselves as they did during development.

I have posted several times about 100 nm (0.1 µm) particles, which are the same size as the corona, but the particles are attached to suitcases, belongings, and everything I wear. Between the height of 86 cm from the floor on the earth, 270,000 pieces (about 10,000 pieces in 1 liter) are floating in 1 ft3. It covers the all floors on the earth. Fine particles that adhere to fine particles (particles) by air flow will not peel off naturally unless physical force is applied. The latest state-of-the-art semiconductor industry has become finer than two orders of magnitude, but in the semiconductor industry for any generation, the business is to secure a space free of fine particles, devise ways to prevent adhesion, and they will remove the fine particles by their cleaning technology.

Foods that boost immunity and how to eat

Information on traditional health initiatives around the world has different customs and climates, and each of them teaches us the importance of eating as a source of medicine and food. We will introduce historical information that immunizes and prevents infection. In China, it is customary to drink plain hot water for 10 consecutive days, and it seems that you are in good physical condition. It is still adopted as one of the health methods.

Also, especially as a diet that increases glutathione and boosts immunity, spinach and cabbage, cucumber, pumpkin, beef liver, cod, broccoli, etc. In addition, current people tend to eat sweet foods, but eating astringent foods, bitter foods, garlic, broccoli, and these foods seems to have a detoxifying effect. Studies have shown that people who breathed dirty air are detoxified after eating broccoli sprout for 10 days.

I would like to keep the nutrition as natural as possible by baking, simmering, cooking, boiling, etc. Low-temperature cooking is another cooking method for leaving raw nutrients, but it is also important to avoid taking oxidized oil as much as possible. 

In other words, it is recommended to eat foods high in PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone). PPQ is pyrroloquinoline quinone and has an antioxidant effect. In order to boost immunity, it is recommended to eat astringent foods and bittersweet foods, and to consume them with fermented foods and other vegetables that are a blessing of nature. Matcha, Japanese tea, Louis Bosti, and black tea are also said to be good for immunity, brown rice and blue fish also increase antioxidant power, and sunbathing and walking are also recommended.

Vaccine history

In ancient times, it was said that the poisonous snake was diluted and drunk so that it would not die from being bitten by a poisonous snake, but it is the same principle as the current vaccine. Indigo dyeing was protected from snakes by wearing it as work clothes as a snake shield. Cleopatra of Egypt attached purple shell powder to his love shadow to prevent insects. The first vaccination of mankind is the smallpox vaccine.

1796 The first vaccine for smallpox was invented, which first developed through all illnesses in 1879, the first vaccine for Cholera. 
1881 The first vaccine for Anthrax was developed.
1882 The first vaccine for Rabies was developed 
1890 The first vaccine for Tetanus was developed 
1890 The first vaccine for Diphtheria was developed 
1896 The first vaccine for Typhoid fever was developed
1897 The first vaccine for Plague was developed 
1926 The first vaccine for Pertussis、whooping cough was developed 
1927 The first vaccine for Tuberculosis was developed 
1932 The first vaccine for Yellow Fever was developed 
1937 The first vaccine for Typhus was developed 
1945 The first vaccine for Influenza was developed 
1952 The first vaccine for Polio was developed 
1954 The first vaccine for Japanese encephalitis was developed 
1957 The first vaccine for w:adenovirus-4 and 7 was developed 
1962 The first oral vaccine for polio was developed.
1964 The first vaccine for Measles was developed 
1967 The first vaccine for Mumps was developed 
1970 The first vaccine for Rubella was developed 
1974 The first vaccine for chickenpox was developed.
1977 The first vaccine for Streptococcus pneumoniae was developed 
1978 The first vaccine for Neisseria meningitides was developed 
1980 WHO A declaration to eradicate smallpox was made at the 33rd General Assembly (final case was 1977: Somalia). This was the first example of vaccine control of disease. 
1981 The first vaccine for Hepatitis B was developed 
1985 The first vaccine for Haemophilus influenzae type b , HiB was developed
1992 The first vaccine for Hepatitis A was developed 
1998 The first vaccine for Lyme Disease was developed 
1998 The first vaccine for Rotavirus was developed 

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