“Aohojicha” that goes well with light-tasting Kyoto cuisine

In Kyoto, it is customary to drink sencha before meals and hojicha after meals. I am glad that green tea has been taken up as a popular product that is effective as a measure against corona illness. I always drink Hojicha named “Amber Hojicha”. It is sent directly from the tea farm Obubu Chaen in Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture. I am one share owner of Obubu tea farms, and I receive sencha and hojicha four times a year. It is also shipped directly to 65 countries around the world.

I started drinking blue roasted Aohojicha last year. I like it because it goes very well with the light taste of Kyoto cuisine. Originally, a teahouse in Hanamachi roasted Hojicha, which matches Kyoto cuisine, on its own. It was difficult to roast evenly. , and Ryuoen took over the roasting, and it seems that the popularity has ignited. It is a very light roasted green tea and has an elegant taste. Since it is a blue roasted tea that can only be made with a small roaster, it cannot It is sold only at Takashimaya in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya three times a year. Moreover, you cannot buy it at Ryuoen’s main store. It is sold only at Takashimaya’s Best 100 Taste Weekly.

Japanese tea is very popular in Europe, and my daughter, who was studying abroad in England, made matcha every day and gave it to her host father. She seems to have had all-you-can-drink wine instead. Macha and Japanese tea at this time, the macha that I bought and sent in search of delicious macha was Ryuoen’s macha. People in the house and Hanamachi are drinking it. Whenever I visit the flower arrangement teacher were praised for not having such a delicious drink in the world. I am familiar with, she will treat me with macha from Ryuoen. It has a very mellow taste. Since Kyoto cuisine is a dish that brings out the taste of the ingredients, can we say that blue hojicha is also a unique hojicha from Kyoto? Many products have been developed that go well with Kyoto cuisine, both tea and sake. Thank you.

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