Entry for the 4th Love letter to kyoto “Kyoto Koibumi Hiroba”

   It was 2021 which started with the corona COVID19. How is everyone doing. The Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism Institute (formerly Yuyusha Kyosuzume) will start the open call for participants for the 4th “Love Letter to Kyoto” from February 1, 2021. The detailed schedule will be announced on the “Kyo-Suzume HP” and “Hirakata Tsushin HP” according to the schedule posted on the “Kyoto Koibumi Hiroba” on the Kyo-Suzume HP. We would appreciate it if you could apply.

  All applicants will receive the benefits when they visit the sponsoring company of Kyo-Suzume’s “Kyoto Koibumi Hiroba”. Excellent works will be selected by the Kyoto Koibumi Hiroba committee, posted on “Kyo-Suzume HP” and “Hirakata Tsushin HP”, and points will be distributed by voting from everyone to select excellent works. Everyone who voted will be able to enjoy the same benefits as the applicants when visiting the sponsoring company. We are looking forward to your application.

Kyo-Suzume Culture and Tourism Institute

President Yoshie Doi